In the 12th Century

From what I understand from reading historical fiction and reviews of such books plus film versions of those same books, people hibernated in the winter months. No farm work, no traveling to fairs/markets, no building  construction, very little daylight, people had  to sort of lay down and wait it out. I keep reading about everyone’s new projects and how the  are gearing up and chomping at the bit to start anew. I also keep reading about how a lot of us find it hard to wake up at this time of year, find it hard to be “perky” and get tired in  the middle of the day or are ready for bed at 9 PM! I know people have to go to work now that we have electricity, and 24/7 everything. All I’m saying is that maybe a cleanse, a vigorous new fitness plan, and an overhaul of your career goals should not be carried out SIMULTANEOUSLY when its seems like evolutionarily (is that a word?) the conditions are not optimal. I remember last year my Ashtanga yoga teacher mentioned during a led class that she eases up on her practice  during the first weeks of the year so she can do some fasting and still keep up with her many other commitments as a member of society. I would heavily  advocate climbing into a big Austin Powers type bed with all your friends/tribe members and exchange ideas/catch up while drinking  fresh green juice and coconut water, read, do a little restorative yoga…But in the absence of that social opportunity,  just don’t turn all the burners of your stove at the same time to prepare every dish at the same time.

4 thoughts on “In the 12th Century

  1. hear! hear! I agree. The spring is when you should start getting all energized with new projects. Maybe this is why so many people fail at the New Year’s resolution thing?

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