I didn’t Win

Powerball. Instead, someone  in  Idaho and someone  in Washington did win 190 million each. I cannot handle all that. But  I get a lotto ticket  about once a week when the car needs gas. My Dad did that and now I do it. You learn mostly by example. I run out of ideas of what to do with all that money after paying the mortgage, making sure my kid and my parents are ok (but I have no control over who is going to be ok!!!), a little travel, a little shopping, and then I start the WORRY part. Remember, I haven’t won  anything but I’m worried that  I don’t know anything about investing, that my alma mater  is going to think I’m cheap because I did not  donate enough, That my in-laws are going to hate me  because I did not share equally. Generosity is not my strong suit as you can see. We all think we need  more cash  than what we have to enjoy life. I said enjoy, I did not say to solve financial hurdles we might have presently, I said enjoy life.

To sort of demonstrate what I mean, I came up with this mini quiz during yesterday’s salt bath:

What is the most cherished object you own?

What is the best gift you have ever received?

What is the best gift you have ever  given?

Feel free to pipe in. My answers tomorrow….

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