Yoga Budget

Well here is a conundrum (first time I ever used that one). I have a limited yoga budget for workshops. I have yet to travel far  for one, and am very blessed to live in the NYC metro area which gets a little bit of everything (actually a lot of everything). Sooo… Sharath comes to NYC in April and Tim Miller comes to CT in June. No way I am I going to pay for  two workshops in 90 days, so I’m going to have to choose. A little bit of the Encinitas choice comes my way huh? Alright. I did already choose to support my shala, and I have mentioned before that on a prior workshop  Mr. Miller adjusted me in Utitta H P where my leg shot up vertically, and had me bind in Marichasana A for the 1st time at 172 1lbs! So as Nobel would say, I have great respect for this man’s kung -fu.  I will just have to wait for the honor of practicing in a Sharath workshop later on.

5 thoughts on “Yoga Budget

  1. Ooooh…tough choice. I am (for the first time) going to reign in my workshop spending this year too, so no doubt I will have some choices to make at some point too. But I think you’re making the right choice – I think from what I hear Sharath is all about the experience, a bit like a pilgrimage (where the mountain comes to Mohammed) whereas you are more likely to grow in your practice with Mr Miller.
    TM is on my (very long) wish list but I’d have to plan a special trip to the US from London as he rarely travels to europe, which seems crazy when I could go to India for the same amount of travelling and cost…oh if only I had all the time & money in the world to do workshops! 😉

    • Me too! Time and money well spent. Tim Miller is my teacher’s teacher so there is also that. I guess we can maybe have the time to attend all the workshops we want (we will live AND be healthy for a very long time), OR the money to attend all the ones we want( and get al sore AND confused by conflicting advice)!

      • You’re right of course, there’s no hurry and the rest of our lives to fill with workshops 🙂 Tim Miller is *my* teacher’s first teacher too! And also I’ve been on retreat with one of his students (now a young senior teacher in his own right!) and have another TM protogee covering my teacher’s maternity leave this Spring. So I’m getting his teaching, if not from him! I’ll be signing up for Sharath in London this year (all being well) as I was a newbie last time he came, so I’m pretty excited about that, but I’m trying to avoid the conflicting advice conundrum!

  2. Tim Miller is indeed a “kungfu master”! At his workshop a couple of years ago, his adjustment in Supta Kurmasana was forceful and firm, yet not aggressive. I also sense a certain depth and sense of perspective in his teaching. So yes, studying with Tim is a great idea.

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