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I have spent a good part of this day monitoring what is happening in Mysore and Toronto, Learning about what people are packing to go to India, and wondering how  to  order  a bolsa bonita.  Not very engaged in living in my own environment today. Something inside  me is  insisting that a find a warm spot and just sit there while others go somewhere. I am not totally at peace about feeling like an unmovable boulder but I’m going to go with it. I will do my practice and I  will hit the treadmill but that’s like 2 and a half hours  out of an entire day. You guys go ahead  and make my day. Literally.

11 thoughts on “Web Travel

  1. Ha,ha! I love how ‘Toronto’ is in the same sentence as ‘Mysore’, like it’s suddenly a big Ashtanga hotspot. A Bolsa Bonita is a great investment. Just looking at mine gives me The Happy.

    Also: Just do your practice. Everything is coming, all in good time! 🙂

    • Ha ha! “Ashtanga and hotspot” in the same sentence after seeing Susananda’s snow covered Toronto pics! My practice right now is some Anusara inspired sequence next door to my home and primary on Sunday mornings. That all changes next week when I get back to Mysore practice in the AM. Maybe I’ll be given the rest of primary this year!

  2. 5’2″- Loo and Kai flatter me! I feel like I have an extra layer of connection to my blog friends because they carry something I made!

    Hey, Kai- Jaime (aka: Skippety) has a Mr. T purse too! HA!! Ashtangis are truly nuts.

    • Those bags are kind of awesome. This is from someone who wears a stripe when she feels wild. I think I need a little “cocktail” bag with the virgen de gaudalupe on it, or maybe some owls. Love me some owls…

  3. HANG ON A SECOND!! 5’2″ is also SereneFlavour? Umm… I feel like I entered a portal somewhere. Glad to be putting 2 and 2 together now. 🙂

    Bolsa Bonita: DO IT!! I heart my Mr. T bag very much. Liz very kindly made mine with a retro ’70s wood panelling fabric. So awesome and so well-made! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. The Maria bag is in the mail!!! I think an email I sent last week may have ended up in your spam folder… then MLK day postponed shipping a day… so look for her soon! Maybe tomorrow’s mail? I hope so!

    Thanks you all, for such nice comments about my bags!

  5. Be still my heart! If it comes tomorrow it means I can wear it that evening to the Swaziland fundraiser. It’s for an orphanage founded by this Irish priest, and it is hosted by his nephews who own the Co. where my man works. I hope the Irish like the Virgin as much as the Mexicans. Thanks Liz! If it happens, will post pics…

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