Not Enough Subs

I used to be a NYC public school teacher. NYC schools NEVER close for weather related anything. All kids can walk to school, take the subway or the bus. The teachers live mostly in the burbs and most of them drive (I took Metronorth because  I’m an  environut and I an awful driver). The first year teachers live in the city and most of them last 2 years they do show up until they say “wait a minute…”.  So on days like today, when there are 2 ft on the ground and people are still waiting for their plow guy or doing it themselves, The teachers that are able to show up have a very rough day.  You get 25 extra kids to add to your 30 and extreme weather tends to make younger people giddy. I’m glad I’m home. A little bored, but  glad.

3 thoughts on “Not Enough Subs

  1. You took MetroNorth because you were too smart to sit in traffic! I rode that line for years. I read a lot of books and drank a lot of coffee and tried not to fall asleep and miss my stop. SNOW DAY YAY!

  2. Loo, I took it from New Canaan to 125th and then would backtrack 5 stops to the South Bronx on the #5. Thank goodness my stop is the last stop on the way back, cause I would wake up startled by my won snoring (sometimes)!

    Thanks Yyogini! The mayor forgot to do that today…

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