For the Injured

This is part two of a fascinating interview in The Magazine of Yoga. I’m posting it because some of my favorite yogis have tender shoulders these days and Mr. Myers here said something interesting about shoulder injuries(that I did not get 100% but what else is new). It is not the only good part. I highly recommend.

Tom Myers, Part Two I The Magazine of Yoga.

6 thoughts on “For the Injured

  1. Tom Myers is terrific! When I was going through my YTT papers, his articles were among the few I chose to scan for future reference. I sometimes wonder what he would say about this repetitive, physically intense yoga we do…

  2. I think he knows everybody is different, He definitely knows that it is not clear where one named thing ends and the other named thing begins. And we all intuitively know what to do.

  3. Oh my god I love this article SO MUCH!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting this! I’m also obsessed with mind-body topics, anatomy, human kinetics, fascia and massage stuff 🙂

    To Kai, that’s why I’m a bit weary about 6-day Ashtanga practices; I worry about the strain of repetitive movement on the body. But I guess trying it for short term is probably okay.

  4. Thanks for this article! If you don’t have Anatomy Trains yet, I hightly recommend it… think it’s my second favourite book on the body, after Ida Rolf’s book.

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