If we want to see what’s inside, we have to open the container. Depending on how it was packed, we either end  up ripping the wrapping or carefully and easily unpack it. Who knew that the way you open a gift or a package is pretty much the same way you end up opening your body for asana practice. I was given a wonderful adjustment yesterday that gives new meaning to what some call “an energetic opening”. I felt something sort of rip inside as if my leg was being released. Not pain, but definitely a “we made it to the other side” sensation. So my point is that some packages can be easily & elegantly opened without breaking the wrapping or jostling the contents. Others have so much packing tape, staples and god knows what else, that after trying to do it the nice way, you just have to find the spot with no tape and rip from there. A little sore today, but I know what’s inside the package.

4 thoughts on “Opening

  1. It’s your clumped fascia opening up. I had that once when a teacher put me in an intense side bend. Something on the left side of my rib cage felt like it was ripping up. I had a major panic because I thought it was my muscles, but then realized it wasn’t painful. And then I noticed my lower back which had been bugging me for weeks stopped hurting. No doctors or physiotherapists could have known that would be the technique to use to fix me.

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