Drink Some Water

I come across a lot of interesting stuff when I browse the tag surfer feature of wordpress. Yesterday I read an account of a yoga injury that made me promise to keep up my water intake and continue slurping that spoonful of flaxseed oil even if it makes my stomach turn. Apparently joints and tendons can dehydrate and become very brittle if you don’t feed and water yourself properly. You can read in more detail about this here.  Karmelajohnson.com I am not a Dr. and I don’t play one one TV but this sounded logical to me.

3 thoughts on “Drink Some Water

  1. Interesting! the CY had PRP therapy, but not enough to really help I guess. I think we all should drink plenty of water but I am curious that this person is so quick to blame ashtanga when clearly there are many other things that could have caused the imbalance, like dance and kickboxing. She sounds competitive and like she was pushing too hard and ignored her pain until it was too late, most likely she walked in the door with her imbalance (we all have them) and then was aggressive with herself. It takes a long time to work out body imbalances. It’s just sad that she is blaming yoga, especially when classical dance is far more harsh to the body.

  2. Totally agree Loo. I got all excited about the water part as a way to hydrate my hamstrings!! I kind of let the rest of it slide since it did not apply to me. Kickboxing, Ballet, & Ashtanga? that spells the apocalypse to me.

  3. staying hydrated is oddly hard, isn’t it? well, for me it is. I constantly have to tell myself to drink drink drink! but if it opens my hamstrings, I’m there!

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