Floppy Ankles

I’ve had weak, unsteady ankles all my life. I do not know how I survived the 70’s in those cork platform sandals without snapping one of them. Today I found out that allowing  your ankles to flop can cause a knee injury when you go into lotus or half lotus. The right side of my body is very cooperative in general, while the left side whines, and gasps at every turn. Particularly my left knee and whatever tendons exist between my butt and my knee during  the sitting sequence, plus some ropey thing that pulls from my butt to my waist during the finishing sequence. So, today  I mention my knee to my teacher while she adjusts me during Mari D, and she asked me to keep my feet and ankles from changing position (falling or twisting) while getting into half lotus. Goodby knee discomfort. I’ll mention the ropey pully thing that happens in Karnapidasana tomorrow. I bet there’s a tip for that.

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