Out of the blue this morning (after the last darn  hot flash) I remembered something I read/saw that made today’s practice just awesome. I remembered a guy saying that a floaty jump back/jump through was dependent on a slow and deliberate breath count, not on how strong your arms are or if you can  do a handstand. So a really focused on slowing and making the inhale and the exhale even, and guess what: That took all my brain space. I did not focus on gathering strength for the next push or hoarding the inhale for the next grab, just counting the same number for inhale/exhale. Well lemme tell ya- superpowers! No, not floaty Kino jumps, but easy & delightful transitions plus  energizing  bunny energy! I also did an oil bath yesterday but I believe I neutralized it’s benefits by throwing a  dinner party for out of town friends last night. So even with the spicy food, and  the red wine, the breathing thing totally delivered. I was so pumped, that when I got home I began googling  every thing about floating/jumping through/ashtanga and finally found out that the wise man is  David Robson in a one minute video on his site. So there is stuff rattling inside our heads and sometimes you find it.

2 thoughts on “Floaty

  1. Yes, the key is slow and deliberate breath counts and the bandhas. Everything else takes care of itself. I can jump through and back without touching my toes to the ground, and I don’t have big or muscular arms. In fact, when I was jumping through yesterday, I actually noticed that my triceps were quite soft and fleshy!

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