Audio Snooze

I’m one of those people who will say “I love that song” and feel no need to own  it or the urge to hear it  again right away. I was embarrassed to admit it when I was younger. I was done after the  first 40 minutes of a concert. I think  all musicals are 35 minutes too long. The only exception is dancing. I can make a fool out of myself for hours & hours. This brings me to accept that hearing (NOT the same as listening)  is not the most developed of my five senses, or however many they are these days. I bought a subscription to from amazon when I bought the flip camera for the husband back in December. I have bought 2 books. I spaced  out through a lot of  the first one, and slept through most  of the second  one.  The first one was about nutrition, the second one a memoir, and out of nostalgia I’m going to try this third one. If you were a teenager on the mid seventies you’ll smile (or smirk).

Spaced Out

Slept Through It

Will Try This


7 thoughts on “Audio Snooze

  1. I can only listen to books with really good contents, where the narrator has a nice voice and speaks in a good rhythm. I’m such an audio book snob 😛 That being said, I’ve enjoyed a few good books on CD, such as “Running with Scissors” and “Eat, Pray, Love”.

  2. The trifecta huh? Many of the titles that I want to read are not available on so I keep telling myself that I got my man’s flip camera for $9.99 for subscribing and I can drink coffee and listen like a big girl for the remainder of the year.

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