4 Years

Next month it will be four years since I started practicing Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga. It took me that long to realize that teachers were not just calming you or soothing you when they said focus on the breath. They really are giving you the key to everything. It takes a long time to believe them. Another great practice today. I got to practice next to the teacher who brought me to the shala from the Y. She was behind me actually, but I love the idea that in Ashtanga you  practice alongside your teachers some days and that is inspiring. I hope I get my “BA” in primary this year, but I’m very okay with the way it’s going. I practice a full led primary when I attend a led primary class but I have only been given up to Bhujapidasana. Now that I’m back to a regular (if you don’t count the weather) practice, I might be able to exit Bhujapidasana and make a little progress….

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