Forgetting Your Manners

If you  remember that you are supposed to  really buckle in that tummy bandha when you are jumping through a vinyasa you will land quietly instead of with a loud thud startling all the  nice people at the shala every 2 or three minutes.  They won’t confuse your thud with the terrible noise that used to  come from the new Tae Kwondo Academy next door. Bandha Manners ladies and gentlemen. Apparently I forgot mine during a long home practice period. Maybe there is a not too rigid list of Mysore room manners. Any suggestions  Mysore veterans?

6 thoughts on “Forgetting Your Manners

  1. LOL! Well I hate to admit this but I have been practicing for quite awhile now and I just can’t even bring myself to any kind of jump through. Maybe just isn’t gonna happen for me and I am okay with it 🙂
    Wow…can only imagine the floor shaking a Tai Kwondo class must create next door!

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