Hold On To Your Sanity

I am grateful for this article on Tricycle because online media has a huge effect on the quality of my day and it is useless to pretend otherwise.  I am right now beyond enraged because of the Rape of Sara Logan in Egypt. Most media outlets are calling it “a prolonged sexual assault”. Whatever. The other “news piece”  that has me in a froth is the racist cartoon of Michelle Obama on some nasty right wing online publication, where they delight in believing that a black woman cannot use a Princeton degree and a Harvard  law degree to hide the imperfection and curse of being born a black woman! All the yoga, pranayama, and mindfulness that I  have sampled so far is no match for the violent thoughts of  retribution flaring up in let’s call it “my agitated state” .  I used to kid myself into thinking that I should read The Drudge Report or at least an “editorial” in the NY Post to try to understand what the other side was thinking, until I realized that my most angry and objectionable thoughts (disguised as clever puns and retorts of course) overcame me after reading them. I made it a new years resolution a few years back never to read  either publication. Not even Page Six! I’m not saying that the article below has THE solution but it calmed me down a bit.

Ten Mindful Ways to Use Social Media | Tricycle.

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