It has been my impression that lately the collective tummy brain of most yogis has been carbo loading with abandon. Myself included. Even  when it was obvious that it was increasing the summer in the subway station hot flash situation I’m currently in. Today however my taste buds and my brain decide that they wanted the same menu: fresh fruit. Yes it is the dead  of winter but I’m so excited that these two finally want the same thing without having to trick one or the other, I decided to start chopping and dicing for a bowl full of this:

It is called salpicon in Colombian but I understand other Latin Americans refer to a  seafood or chopped salad with the same name. It is basically small dice of mango, pineapple, orange, tangerine, apple (counterintuitive, I know) bananas, and if you have them papayas, watermelon, and if you want grapes. You let it all hang out in the fridge so the juices from the fruit run a little, and you can snack on it all day. I am thrilled that  both the goody two shoes and the thug that live inside me want the same thing today.

4 thoughts on “Salpicon

  1. Listen Cali, you guys, Florida, The Caribean, AND mysore, are all carbo loading. Okay the ones in Mysore are burning fuel like crazy, bit still… It can’t just be that our paleolithic genes didn’t get the memo..I think the humans in general are mildly anxious, I’m just sayin’.

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