Having Good Neighbors

I got a chance to practice my yoga manners today. I coincidentally got a few etiquette tips recently thank goodness. It turns out that I’m having a hell of a time waking up early, and it is because I’ve been waking up on average 17 times every night. Yes, I counted last night and the night before. That means I go to bed at 10PM and by the time I wake up at 8AM, I’ve woken up (not turned and rolled over) in a hot mess, every thirty five minutes! But back to today. This week I’ve managed to make it to a 10:30 AM led class. It’s mixed level and we go a couple of poses past half primary plus closing. You do not see any advanced students unless they are the walking wounded, or had a schedule snafu. Well today two seasoned practitioners laid there mats to the right and to the left of yours truly, and lemme tell  ya, even if it was all in my head, It made a world of difference! I somehow synchronized my breathing and my movements to their rhythm, and it was a lovely practice  with no swan diving, mind your own business dristhi, a clean mat, fancy soap shower, no loud breathing or hard floor thumping, and no  operatic arias during opening or closing chants.

8 thoughts on “Having Good Neighbors

  1. ack! I’m so sorry to hear about your personal tropical storm. how nice to have the option of another class! me? if I miss that morning session, it’s home practice or nuthin’

    • Ah Loo, I’m munching on grilled pizza dough with olive oil, salt & pepper while I type. At the rate I’m eating with no sleep I’m going to need the Morning mysore and the 10:30 ladies class daily !

  2. Sorry to hear about your sleeping troubles. I hope they get better soon.

    “Walking wounded” haha, I like that! I definitely have been in their ranks.

  3. Hey I experienced the same thing tonight as you! My surya A & B synced with the guy beside me, I thought about your post, and it felt great!

    Sorry to hear about your insomnia. Try to pamper yourself like mad (herbal tea, foot rubs, essential oils, massages, aromatherapy) and then surrender to the discomfort. As in, “Okay, you’ve got me. Give it your best shot. Just try and make me even more uncomfortable than I feel right now. What? That’s it? Is this all you’ve got?” Take deep breaths while you do this.

    • You know what? That sounds way better than whining! I also have to admit that I fell off the green wagon. I’m sure that eating yeast & dough is confusing my engine. Gonna fix that too.Mmm I’m rinsing my sheets in lavender infusion today…

  4. Serene…one thing that made a huge difference for me and continues to do so…Magnesium. Helps me sleep like a baby. There’s this wonderful “hot toddy” kind of powdered magnesium drink I love called Calm. Sorry to sound like a commercial…but it works 🙂

    • Stars, I take that! It makes me nice and drowsy (for that price it should knock me out) I don’t have insomnia, just hot flash sleep interruption. I’m going to see a TCM person next week. Kaching Kaching!

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