I have questions. My one day to be son in law (I love to  mortify them by saying that) is a professional illustrator with a very individualistic, iconoclastic (in my opinion) style. He has offered to make 4 separate illustrations of my spiritual posse to borrow Kai’s term. He is finished with Lord Krishna, is working on Ganesha, and when done will follow with   Lord Shiva and Hanuman. The depiction of Krishna playing the flute is beyond beautiful, but I cannot show you because it occurred to me that there are probably some guidelines or rules to follow on depicting Gods and Goddesses in The Hindu pantheon and I need to know what they are before I share. Any idea where to start looking? I’m not talking about selling prints or any commercial gig. These are my personal one of a  kind altar pieces.

2 thoughts on “Deities

  1. Maybe you can try asking Tim Miller or some senior teacher for their opinions on this? If you would like, I can try sending Kino an email, and see if she has anything useful to say about this?

    • Nobel thank you! I would very much like that. I was thinking of asking Tim Miller by sending a FB msg. So far all I’ve come across is: Don’t put them on postage stamps, no naked anything, and don’t do it for profit, but then again I’ve seen coasters and computer mouse pads with deites on them. I gratefully accept your offer.

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