Sniffing Lessons

The awesome Evelyn from walks her neighbor’s dog Pebbles, who would otherwise be wrongfully imprisoned  in Texas behind the wires of a boring yard. Evelyn has shared her impressions of the walks with Pebbles and even though she goes on and on about this Ceasar guy, how Pebbles reacts to things during her walk  has come to contain a lot of Dharma teaching for me. First lesson: If someone you live with is constantly self combusting, tune them out. If someone you see frequently stresses you out (the mail carrier) allow yourself to re access them in a new environment and you can begin to take them in small dosages. Take your time sniffing everything surrounding you (specially during all those forward bends where your third eye  chakra is supposed to reach way over there-spend sometime with those sensations). Your curiosity about life outside of your own yard is something to express and experience, not something to figure out and outwit. And finally, you never know when you are going to meet a Bodhisattva who is going to spring you out of jail, with nobody getting hurt.

3 thoughts on “Sniffing Lessons

  1. Well hey there s.f.!!
    You know, I read your blog all the time, I think I just read it when I’m about to buzz off somewhere and so I never leave a comment! sorry! It’s so nice having your comments appear on my blog, so I’ll try to get my act together and join in on your conversations.

    How very cool that Pebbles is helping us all! I’m about to go get her right now! It’s breezy and cool outside and the sun is out. As Cesar would say, “It’s a beautiful day, GO WALK YOU DOG!” ha ha ha!!

    • Oh God, no worries! otherwise we will all turn into Emily Post writing each other comments in a timely manner in caligraphy haha! I might go sniffing my five miler outside tomorrow for the first time in months.

  2. Emily Post would not like that I forget to re-read my comments and check for spelling errors! ha ha!!!

    Go walk YOUR dog. That’s what Cesar says.

    And hey, I love caligraphy! I’ll have to send you a letter. ha ha!!!

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