Odd Discovery

During yesterday’s 108 salutations I sort of discovered why my knees hurt so much the first year or so of practice. It turns out that a little after past half way, I  found myself hastening the jump into Chaturanga but in my rush to get to the floor I would bang my knees real hard on the mat trying to avoid the dreaded hover. No wonder. In today’s practice, I did great granny yoga instead of the regular granny yoga. Yesterday’s fundraiser was a full house, and the kirtan after was very lovely. I could not stay for the whole thing because I had unexpected company and a frumpy driver (my car is  dead).   I  will definitely attend another one, because I can tell it gets better as people relax and just join in. Not a lot of people could stay for  both things, so I bet it is powerful when there is a full happy house chanting.

5 thoughts on “Odd Discovery

  1. It’s amazing how much we don’t notice about our own bodies until we detach from habit, become mindful and really pay attention to every anatomical part.

    I still have yet to attend a kirtan.

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