Gaming The System

Kind of getting a little impatient with my lack of progress (aka no new pose). I feel bad for complaining because my practice has been nothing but pleasant for the last few weeks. I don’t mean effortless, I mean effort that  succeeds. So this week I could not get to mysore on Monday so I went to a mixed level class mid morning. There I hear my teacher tell the ladies that she is going to introduce the second part of primary on that occasion and will finish introducing it on Wednesday. Well guess what I went ahead and did  today?  Yeah..I showed up for mid morning mixed  level, and voila! the last part of primary with tips and modifications. So this is my rebel plan: If this intro continues on Mondays and Wednesdays, I’ll show up at 10:30. Mysore on Tuesday and Thursday and  Led Primary on Friday and Sunday to try out what I learned. Is that creepy? I almost want to confess my devious plan. Maybe after a week if she doesn’t  say something. I’m such an seventh grader…

3 thoughts on “Gaming The System

  1. Not creepy at all… I noticed that in Mysore itself they tend to move people along rather quickly… as in almost faster than you would expect… dont know if you read my HB post, he was up to Utitta Hasta… they got him all the way to Mari C, in two weeks….

    Your secret is safe with us, enjoy!!!

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