Atta Girl

I encountered this blog Gravel and Rust. during my 52 pound release of 2010 and it always puts a smile on my face and  a great idea in my head. Gotta love Texans. I love them as much as I love those Canadians. This woman Roxy is a gifted storyteller and a dispenser of great advice disguised as humor which is the kind I like to follow. She went to Istanbul last year to reward herself for meeting her goals (it might have been her first trip abroad but I’m not certain). and she writes great sentences with terms like “hauls ass backwards”. So she found this poster that inspires her, and in turn she inspired me to design my own. Mine is actually part of my daily affirmations which are part of my sitting practice.

I AM Fearless,Present,Generous,Loving,Peaceful,Enthusiastic,Appreciative, Allowing,Accepting,Joyful,Happy,Satisfied,Healthy,Wise,Knowledgeable, Prosperous,Creative,Productive,Balanced,Harmonious.

Oh, and Primary today? Dare I say fun? Why am I afraid of jinxing something in my practice when I say fun? I’m going to go ahead and say that Ashtanga has made me a tad superstitious.

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