Some days folks, I can’t think of a single thing worth saying. These people on the other hand gave me plenty to think about today and possibly for the next few days. Take for example Roxy at gravelandrust.blogspot.com on how fears can masquerade as facts. or Seth Godin, over at sethgodin.typepad.com who tells me that my ideas are being received by someone who either has an appetite or by someone who’s had quite enough. Then there is this woman Ruth on themagazineofyoga.com who shows us that angels are more like god’s gang bangers and there is a reason why they always introduce themselves with”Do not be afraid”. Finally there is Danielle Laporte at whitehottruth.com who rehabilitates the word resistance, as in  it is NOT futile  like the Borg seem to think but sometimes quite useful. The recovering yogini aka Joslyn Hamilton features one of the best Pema Chodron quotes in her elephantjournal entry which is not really all that much about mercury in retrograde. Or maybe THAT’S why I have nothing to say.

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