Encinitas Turf

How come everyone is moving into Tim Miller’s turf in Encinitas? Why Now? I’m sure he’s fine with it but it sure is strange, since he’s been there all along for like three decades with no hoopla bells or whistles. This was in my mailbox yesterday:

I prefer to talk about this instead of how the Donald tried to show black people they have to try harder to prove they’re American. Or the other media cannibal feast: The wedding circus performance. I always feel bad for the circus performers when the audience misbehaves.

9 thoughts on “Encinitas Turf

  1. This news surprised me (about Encinitas, that is – the idiocy of US politics rarely surprises me). Looks like a ‘world capitol of yoga’ is emerging before our eyes…

  2. Here’s my not very well-thought-out, shoot-from-the-hip take on this: It appears that John Friend’s “Spiritometer” has detected an unusual level of spiritual fengshui in Encinitas, and he wants a piece of this good-fengshui pie. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know (who am I to judge anyway?), but maybe having “spiritual acumen” is vital to succeeding in the yoga business, just like having business acumen is vital to ordinary business success. Friend certainly has a very good track record in this area šŸ˜‰

  3. @Kai- I hope someone nice thinks of opening a good reasonably priced hostel/residence in the “World Capital of Yoga!!”

    @Nobel- Like in “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” LOL!!

    @Loo- That dude is too cool to feel scarcity. He is my teacher’s teacher. Am I right to think he is your teacher’s too?

  4. I’m not sure either of mine ever studied with Tim, they’ve been going to Mysore since the early 90s… I know Madame Alignment considers Dena Kingsberg a teacher and that’s one reason I’m keen to study with her…

    I know Tim can handle it, but there has to be a feeling of “what’s happening to my small town where I’ve been for 30 years?”

  5. I don’t really think of Anusara as “stealing customers”. People who prefer Anusara tend not to like the rigidity of Ashtanga series and Ashtanga addicts (ie. me) can’t seem to appreciate the playfulness of Anusara (too free-style). Also the 2 styles give different alignment cues for some poses. Some Anusara alignment instructions don’t seem to work well with my body, but I know people who claim the “Universal principles of alignment (TM)” transformed their lives.

  6. Nah, it is not the customer competition thing. It is more like why are you hyping up Encinitas, using other people’s cred to hype your own brand?

    I’m not being very articulate about why this bothers me I just know that it bugs me.

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