Drip & Fog

At this rate the entire northeast is going to feel like it’s suffering from Athlete’s foot. After a very very wonderful practice (undeserved by the way because may I recommend you have a meal and some of the 28+ beers on tap at The Dirty Truth in Northampton MA?)I am off to NYC to spend the afternoon with my friend. My hair is so upset with this weather that I have to keep it in a very tight braid like a Bolivian grandma from the altiplano minus the  bowler hat. Maybe Panchamama is trying to rinse out all this grime we cover it with.

2 thoughts on “Drip & Fog

  1. I have to say here in the south (atlanta, ga) we are feeling nothing but heat! It was 70+ at 6:00am. The heat is going to be intense this summer! Enjoy NYC

  2. I am the wilting kind Flo. It did warm up today but it kept raining. Too many umbrellas on the sidewalk get on everyone’s nerves, but we did have a nice visit.

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