Nothing To Solve

But apparently a lot of chances to participate. Like on the drive up to Steuben, I will be able to join my friend in listening to a 4 disk collection of Dharma teachings given by Pema Chodron.  So no Tim Miller but yes Pema Chodron. Cool. The rest of you in the NYC metro area have a feast or famine situation this weekend: Michael Stone at OM Yoga 


And Tim Miller at The Yoga Shala in Georgetown CT. Things fall apart and you walk away or put them back together, like sweeping, showering, the laundry, or gluing back the cut crystal from Bohemia tray that your mother gave you which shattered when this  dumb rock you picked on a walk this weekend fell on top of it. It ain’t pretty or valuable any more but it‘s staying.





2 thoughts on “Nothing To Solve

  1. I have enjoyed every single one. This is my favorite book cover design so far. Have you seen him give teachings in person? He has a great sense of humor to go along with all that common sense.

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