Local Yoga News

I had been totally unaware that there was another Yoga Center providing Ashtanga yoga Mysore style in my area until a lapsed blogger I enjoyed started blogging again. Right after I saw the FULL page add for Kaia Yoga’s one year anniversary in my local paper. It turns out they have two locations: Greenwich & Westport, and lots of other offerings that yours truly cannot afford. The other news is that my shala is moving a few hundred yards up the road to a place with wood floors (cue angels singing), and no karate kick boxing on one side and no catering kitchen on the other ! In today’s practice they were dropping like flies because of the heat. We started as 8 finished as 6 and in between most of us were doing the classic no vinyasa between sides. At the end it was the oldies but goodies that hung  in there till closing. Yay for the gray hairs (and the 6 days a week practitioners I might add).

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