Trigger Points

Today I was told that I have a high tolerance for pain. Very surprising to me since I grew up believing the complete opposite. A therapeutic massage is nothing like a spa massage where you are sent to  “massageland” (her term). Suffice it to say that I was made to promise that I would ice the spots she applied pressure to every couple of hours. I am amazed how applying pressure to those so called trigger points kind of liberated energy and send sensation to places in your body that are quite far away from where the action is taking place. Will need to go back next Friday which  thankfully won’t be introduction to 2nd series like today. I struggle with my attitude every 3rd Friday of the month. The only things I enjoy form that practice is the preliminary 30 min meditation session and the little socializing before and after that is different from the other mysore style days. The only pose that I can actually do correctly is Ustrasana (weird right?) everything else feels like flailing aimlessly around trying to grab a foot. Masseuse fairy undercharged me I’m sure because she is too nice for her own good. When I first met her I made the mistake of admiring her necklace, and she took it  off and gave it to me. I pretty much decided right there and then to follow thru with this yoga stuff if it would make me act like that even just a little.

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