Tight Braid

I mistakenly thought I had dodged a hangover. I did what my wise daughter advises when you know wine is going to flow: Lots of water, take all the B vitamins before bed plus the Advil that you would be taking the next morning when it is really too late. So I woke up fine. A little cranky because my beloved tends to snore loudly when wine flows and it’s hard to sleep through that, but physically I felt fine. I went outside with my coffee to cut the most beautiful hydrangeas (I have six varieties) to bring as an offering to the shala, took a shower and decided to wear my hair in a french braid like the night before. I get there and begin my sitting meditation, but halfway through I’m beginning to wonder if I braided my hear too tight…Then when the chanting starts I’m wondering why the gentleman next to me who has a beautifully, trained baritone voice is chanting so loudly, and why is it so hot all of a sudden. I think it is called reverse hangover. You start great but deteriorate as the day goes by. I managed to hold it together during my massage therapy session, which kind of helped but I only noticed after it was over. The during- was never ending. The secret to a successful wine tasting of different varieties is “tasting”, not finishing your serving glass of 2 different roses, 2 reds and 1 white. Ugh, even writing that felt gross.

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