One of the things I love about an Ashtanga yoga practice is the minimalism in use of props or gear. How then did I run out of space for stuff in my bag? To backtrack, in the beginning I did not have a bag. I just bought my black Manduka and  for an entire year I carried it rolled, in and out of where I practiced. Then one day I saw a green canvas bag with room on one side for the mat and room on the other side for wallet, keys, phone & eyeglasses (or so I thought) and bought it and  signed it with a fat darker green marking pen.  Soon after I began observing that everyone had a light blanket for Savansana, and I had just the right piece of fabric, which was a Balinese sarong that I had used as my daughter’s receiving blanket,, so I put that  in the bag. Then another day a woman who used to teach at the shala put a silk eye pillow on all of us as we lay resting, and it felt so great. Guess what? I had one of those at home that I had received as a gift years before I even knew what yoga was and into the bag it went. When my wrists started acting up and I could not bind in some poses I started using a stretchy headband scarfy thing to hold onto, and 2 weeks ago a bought the magic mysore rug! I cannot fit another thing. I used to smile at people that would build a little fort around themselves with their water bottle, their water squirter, their towel, and then would grab a couple of blocks and a rolled blanket. No one is immune to hoarding stuff. I think I’ll start with the leaving the headband home…

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