Politely Discarding

So I’m home sick. Not homesick. We had to sign some papers last night and we needed an extra witness so we headed to the restaurant on the corner where the waiter graciously served as the witness. So I ordered a burger and ate it. So I am dealing with a BAD case of heartburn and wondering how to manage what I invite into my twitter feed. At first, I felt obliged to invite/reciprocate whoever followed me, until I started smelling spam. Then I read a couple of witty & clever things, and impulsively added those. So now I’m sort of stuck with a few mean and funny, one bible quoting nice lady, a bunch of life coaches, my beautiful yogis, and Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin attracts so much hate replies that it is debilitating to witness these exchanges. No Problem, he’s gotta go. Then there is christian lady who is addicted to twitter and fills my entire feed. I have to unfollow, or get annoyed when I check my twitter. Some life coaches are awesome, but others are obsessed with romance or with aging.  And finally the mean but hilarious. It’s like page six in the NYP , Karmicly unadvisable to partake. So  here’s what Ima gonna do: Unfollow with no explanation unless one is requested. I’m sure Alec won’t be offended but I’m worried that christian lady might ask for one..



6 thoughts on “Politely Discarding

  1. A couple of months ago I went through my facebook list and just quietly deleted people I either didn’t really know, or who were annoying me somehow and not only was intensely liberating but there was zero backlash.

    delete away!

  2. Hey Loo, my FB never got out of hand somehow. Like I told a family member who is sort of a lurker (checks which niece or nephew is being lewd), You end up relating only to people you would talk to in real life. The rest kind of fade out if the re-connect or connect was unsuccessful. I am however going to double check to make sure I’m good. Been doodling like this all day…

  3. Okay you all have given me the okay (and a little more courage) to do what I’ve been wanting to do myself for a long time now 🙂 Gonna spend this upcoming weekend “cleaning up” my FB list and a couple other places of people that shouldn’t really be there 🙂 Thanks!

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