It Is Best To Say NO

A smiling no thank you that is. But here is a list of things that I should have said no to, and will say no to  from now on:

My  Aunt wanting to give me more of my grandmother’s silver trays, candle holders, bowls & pitchers. Yes they are silver NOT silver plated but you curse like a sailor every time you have to polish it when family comes to visit. The rest of the time it is tarnished or it gets hidden.

Agreeing to entertain on Monday nights. Specially if you have just driven 7 hours the day before to get home in time for work the next day (okay husband only). There will always be another chance to visit.

Buying anything at the supermarket because you feel bad for the person who is giving free samples no one is taking. There is a reason for that.

Answering the phone just because you feel guilty being home and not answering. NO- NO -NO!

This one is kind of dangerous but really important for democracy. Don’t just obey someone in a suit or a uniform when you know they are wrong. Civil Disobedience is NOT a crime.



2 thoughts on “It Is Best To Say NO

  1. Just came back from your blog. Gotta get me some of your books! I like the way you tell things. I finally understand that sensing a clear “I don’t want to” is intuition 101. If you don’t listen to that short and simple hit, intuition will get tired of talkin’ to you.

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