Strange But Delightful

I was just leaving a comment on Claudia’s and the weirdest thing just happened to me. Let me interrupt myself to tell you that I had to type weirdest several times. So I am sharing with her how my massage therapist, after pummeling me for an hour, gently touched me between the eyebrows and she sent  me straight to Blissland.  Well, as I am typing that, and I swear as I am typing this, I am blissing out all over again. Not that I’m complaining, but what is up with that? I was going to go to Costco and do some errands, but now way am I getting in a car like this. I don’t think I could even steer the vacuum cleaner. Maybe it was the combination of primary followed by body work?

1 thought on “Strange But Delightful

  1. Wow, that sounds pretty cool, but yea, I would be weirded out as well if it happened to me. Sounds like a good development though, I hope you enjoyed it as much as you could! 🙂

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