Movin’ On Up

Today was my last day at the old shala location. My shala is moving a mile up the road to new and better digs. So instead of posting about my favorite things this month, (okay, Mrs Meyers cleaning products GERANUIM, and Spotify) I am going to list some of the many things I love about this shala no matter where it is located.

The Owner/Director: I don’t know a better yogini. I’ve practiced for about 4+ years I know about lets say 40/50 practitioners.  don’t know  a better person.

It is never loud. Sometimes you hear laughter, there is dialogue and chatting but it is always subdued and mindful that we are in a special space.

They are recycling a lot of what they have to take to the new space.

They sell  mostly books, mats, ayurveda health products. It is not a yoga boutique full of tops pants  earrings, and tunics.

They use high quality incense.  Lets say I’ve smelled some hard to handle scent in places.

The shala members volunteer in a local food bank and in their kitchen.

Some pretty good looking people,  some of them kind of famous, but no attitude, no drama, and no fashion runway.

One of the members is a gifted Kirtan singer.

No receptionist/counter desk. Just a table with a sign in sheet, a price list and the honor system.

scrupulously clean, clean everywhere, even though it was carpeted.

The new place has brand new wood floors, yay!

Heading up north this weekend, talk to you Monday-Happy resting.



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