Engaging The Bandhas

While I clean my house. That is my compromise for today. Even if the shala was open today it would have been rough to practice after the retro menu I served when my in-laws came for dinner last night. I made pimento cheese, shrimp gumbo, and key lime pie pudding thing with condensed milk and Ritz cracker layers(!!) The folks loved it, but burp. So today I am “sucking it up and minding my business” while I give my house the  Mrs. Meyers Geranium scented SPA treatment before my sister’s plus offspring 4 day visit.
































6 thoughts on “Engaging The Bandhas

  1. LOL!! Wow…made me laugh too and I would never be able to practice after that either!
    Sounds like with a houseful of people you are going to have more food fun soon and less shala time. Family visits always throw me off but mine is a happy one, thank God 🙂

  2. Yeah Loo. I’m hoping for some sort of practice tomorrow Nina unless I hear otherwise. Sister, nieces & nephew arrive in the PM, plus I’m hoping that they partake of the many dining options in the lovely island of Manhattan over the next 4 days..

  3. hey thanks you two! been thinking about writing again, busy summer with many concerts, lots of dinners out, that sort of thing, but almost over and then what? back to the regular schedule! Hope your summer’s been great Nina: SereneFlav, we know yours has been!

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