Lovely New Space

Creamy light yellow walls with squash yellow stenciling. Chestnut colored wood floors and muted matte gold sconces. An entire half wall of trimmed square windows overlooking tall mature trees. The walls vibrate a nice echo when there is chanting.  From the outside, the building looks like a free standing  big A frame rustic cabin, with no adjoining neighbors on either side.  And there’s tons of parking, a coffee shop, and a supermarket in the back.  You can even take  the New Haven MetroNorth train to Branchville, it stops right across the street. I think they should time a class for when the commuters come home from work. They can practice and then go back to the train parking lot, get in the car and go home!

7 thoughts on “Lovely New Space

  1. On special occasions mostly. There is a lovely woman who has her own harmonium (I think it’s called) She does Kirtan in I believe the NYC metro area, and she practices at the shala. I’m pretty sure she is also a teacher because I have seen her guide meditations and yoga Nidra sessions. If you are ever in South Eastern CT you should stop by. She has a website and maybe you can download/buy her music.If you like I can send you a link.

  2. Oh that’s wonderful…you have your very own wallah 🙂 What’s her site? I am a little far but you never know. I have a thing for NYC 🙂

  3. I practice at the Yoga Shala in Ridgefield CT. I’ve been going there since 2008. I know of one other blogger who practices there but her name is not Lauren. I still don’t know everyone’s name…

  4. Thanks for the link!! Wow…you know this woman?? She’s got an amazing voice from what I can tell by listening to the sound clips on the site. I will order the CD 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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