Uddiyanna Bandha?

So here is a question/survey: I have been practicing five to ten minute daily sessions of actively engaging Uddiyanna Bandha.  Obviously this changes my breathing pattern in what I think is a good way. Well yesterday I was surprised by being able to go “deeper” or hold tighter, whatever you want to call it. But at the same time I also started feeling some anxiety, like what people call butterflies in your stomach, weird but tolerable. Then today I am about to start my Surys and begin my Ujjayi breathing when I start feeling like I’m going to go on stage and do not know how to sing. I think they call it an anxiety attack. I don’t remember how I finished the As and the Bs,but by the time Trikonasana came around I was okay. Until teacher came assist in UD. I kept my mouth shut but I was shaking like a leaf and I wanted my mommy. Aside from oversharing, anyone know what’s up with that?

4 thoughts on “Uddiyanna Bandha?

  1. Wow… maybe you’ve reached some sort of edge, and you need to experience a bit of fear and uncertainty to move past it. This could be a good thing. However, I’d say talk to your teacher. He or she is there to help you move past those barriers. Best of luck!

  2. I read somewhere that it is possible to overdo certain kinds of pranayama (especially Kapalabathi), resulting in nervous tension/anxiety attacks. Uddiyana bandha is not, strictly speaking, pranayama, but it seems possible to me that one can also overdo it. At his recent workshop, Matthew Sweeney also mentioned that it is not a good thing to actively engage the bandhas all the time during practice, as this might create excessive tension; sometimes, all that is needed is a soft belly and an even breath. Just my two cents’.

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