Grimmly’s Book Shelf Project

Check the whole thing out here:

I sent him a lousy photo of my haul (excluding the yoga chick lit to save my dignity) but even an aim and shoot iphone is not safe in my hapless hands. So here is another view, plus pics of one that is on loan and I forgot my for kids anatomy book that still creeps me out.

7 thoughts on “Grimmly’s Book Shelf Project

  1. You have my dream collection of yoga books!!! I am restraining myself from buying them all because I am supposed to be reading papers and textbooks related to my thesis rather than yoga books right now.

  2. C’mon Y! Roll like a war tank- don’t stop till you make it to camp. I forgot Leslie Kaminoff’s Yoga Anatomy which I had taken off the shelf to check the piriformis and the SI Joint.

    I’m rooting for you- One word at a time.

    • Thanks Cory. Hey I was reading about your most recent diagnosis/opinion on whats going on with your body. Let food be your medicine kid! go for the stuff that does not cause inflamation. I hear that aloe vera juice is very helpful. I’m writing this here because I could not comment on your blog for some reason.

  3. ok. my blog is weird. trying to figure out wordpress, still!

    yeah, fran’s urging me to go GF. i did for a while, for kids’ sakes. but he turned out fine so i stopped. but i’m giving it another try, and it starts this wkend by taking back my bread machine that i gave to a friend but she’s only used it once.

    small steps, i tell myself. although…. i somehow can’t stomach rice/soy milk with my one cup of coffee. or, i could learn to take decaf black.

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