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If you haven’t figured it out yet, let me assure you that this blog is more like a novice experiment in journal writing than an exploration of yoga. Yes, Ashtanga yoga is the aspect of my life that I pay the most attention to these days but it does not make it into my daily small paragraph unless something unusual occurs during my practice. 90% of what I read on line is about yoga these days. All of it is rather all over the place, which tends to happen when newbies and veterans play in the same field. Add writing skill levels  and  yogic education levels to the mix, and call me crazy but any attempt to organize this exchange is close to futile. I was reading Matthew Remski’s post on the YFT session on blogging, and it occurred to me that I am willing to wade through all sorts of blogs for the pleasure of discovering a voice I enjoy. I also have to remind myself that not everything they write or share is going to be my cup of tea. Just like talking, blogging will present the opportunity to say some pretty profound things, some of them quite witty, even hilarious. It will also provide ample opportunities to say something impulsive, regrettable, unkind, or petty. Best of all, the chance to make amends without stammering.

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