But it needs to be addressed. I will preface with letting you know that I clean my mat every single day with a clorox wipe followed by a Mrs. Meyers geranium scented spray cleaner so it does not smell mediciney. My Manduka gets a dunk in the washer every other Friday afternoon to make sure it is dry by Sunday. So how the hell did I discover these three weird raised circles on the top of left foot??!! As I type my feet are dunked in a Lysol bath. I am on the war path with both natural products and cvs products. I had been practicing on carpet, on carpet!!! for the past three plus years at the old shala, and my floors and my bathrooms can
pass a NYC restaurant inspection. Now I have to toss my beautiful green camper Mary janes and walk around in disposable flip flops, ugh. Where else can you pick up this pox?

Oh and I can’t figure out how to type in teal on this iPad thing so this is the new color.

2 thoughts on “Gross

    • I’m sure Y, they are not irritated and even when I pour disinfectant on them they don’t even burn, yuck. I made little duck tape dots to put on them for class tomorrow. I hope everybody is too busy to ask….

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