Executions, Class Warfare, Monsanto

Let me just start by saying that the barometric pressure is really low and that gives me a migraine. What also helps a lot is knowing that we are the only developed nation who is still barbaric and executes people because it is too convoluted politically to backtrack on that stuff in an election year, so it is easier to kill some stranger. I also can not understand how any body can use the term class warfare without their face falling off in shame. Elizabeth Warren is far more eloquent on this (google it) but let me just say that if you are in agreement with the republican agenda it is because you don’t like sharing, and it’s okay just don’t cover it in mumbo jumbo crap. OR like choosing the Yankees or the Red Sox, it was based on whoever lorded over you as a little kid, which is understandable way back then but is sort of stupid now. And finally who the fuck thought it was okay to name Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s chief lobbyist to the post of Deputy Commissioner for Food Safety in the FDA???? If James Lipton from the actors studio ever asked me what is the ugliest word in the English language I would say Monsanto. Yeah, this post was not about yoga.

2 thoughts on “Executions, Class Warfare, Monsanto

  1. The whole Troy Davis affair was draining just reading about it, I cannot imagine the hell that his family went/ is going through now. Didn’t know about the Monsanto/FDA appointment. Some things never change…

  2. It weighs heavily on all of us. It really is a step away from attending beheadings and burnings at the stake on the village square as far as I’m concerned. wow it is early evening and I’m still all stirred up about it….

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