Confirming What I Already Knew

I read the post I’m linking to this morning and after eating the last of a very good baguette I’m going to have to heed the article the post features because playing the ostrich is no longer an option.…

4 thoughts on “Confirming What I Already Knew

    • I have been able to compare the difference when I omitt both food sources. I don’t know why our taste buds have more cred than the rest of our body parts when it comes to convincing the brain on what to choose. I am more motivated now that the article she shared explains how grains have been messed with and my combative boycott stick it to the man personality kicks in…..

  1. Oh definitely diet is important. My whole practice changed when I stopped eating beef, drinking wine every day (now only on off days:) and dropping wheat and dairy most days as well. And the best part about it all ~ I ended up losing 20 pounds without even trying šŸ™‚ No more bloat face for me! Wishing I was going to the big event too but alas I have to work to keep supporting my family. Another time for sure.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement John. There is definitely an addictive component in my case to both food sources and I just have to be a big girl about it. There is great karma in being a good householder, good for you I’m sure your turn will come up.

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