This Month’s Favorites

  1. The kid signed a year lease in Fort Greene. No more far and away(for now).
  2. Ebay. Love /HATE really. I’m all decked in Eskandar under $300 tags still on. I must be stopped.
  3. using ribbons of zuchinni (with a mandolin) for pasta instead of you know, pasta.
  4. Yogis on facebook.
  5. iBooks. The best part of the iPad.
  6. spritzing one perfume on top of another. I’m a grown up and I do what I want. I’ve made mistakes but I don’t see people I care about that day.
  7. Skipping the vinyasa between sides. For now. It’s just too screwed up. But that’s why I bought this today:





Oh darn. This was supposed to be tomorrow’s (Friday) post because I’ll be gone all day. I guess publish is not update. This keyboard is killing me.

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