On Becoming A Yoga Scholar

I practice with a lovely woman who started about the same time as I did and now she has decided to take a teacher training course because she wants to learn more about yoga not just asana. I was thinking about how yoga is taught and the many polarized opinions about it that appear on cyberspace. I wonder why universities form Columbia or Yale to Naropa and other alternative institutions give out advanced degrees in subjects involving linguistics (sanskrit anybody?), religious studies (Buddhist/Hindu/etc..), world literature (the Vedas/the Upanishads) plus other disciplines that deal with anatomy nutrition and physiology. But not one of these institutions has thought to cobble a course or program in yogic studies. The subject is serious enough, and then people would stop talking about yoga certification in the same breath as aerobic instructor. Guruji was a college professor for goodness sakes.

4 thoughts on “On Becoming A Yoga Scholar

  1. Funny you should mention universities offer courses in yogic studies. I think in the near future (as early as fall 2012) there may be such a program offered at a university on the east coast.

    • That is great news. I was a little worried about getting comments about college tutitions and diploma requirements as still more hoops to jump through. I figure not everyone has to go to the CIA ( god I hope you know what I’m talking about) to open a good restaurant, they just have to deal with the town’s health requirements/zoning. But you would however know where to go get some archived knowledge just in case you were not a “natural” you know?

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