It Could Be Just Me

But I don’t think so. One of the strangest things about interacting in cyberspace is how you can sort of take the temperature of many people’s disposition on any given day. Today I need toothpaste, bath salts and groceries. It is a beautiful fall day and I had a good night’s rest. I. Do not want to go outside. I do not want to speak, I do not want to move. After doing my Facebook/Twitter/preliminary blog stroll, I notice that a lot of people had some trouble getting going. They got going god bless ’em, but it makes me wonder about that so called collective unconscious. it amuses me how we give the sensations we feel as we become conscious every morning, a label. Hard to wake up? It is hard because you don’t want to. Is it bad not to want to get up? It starts getting bad and worse when you start labeling it as bad. Don’t give your first impressions of the day a grade. Not everything needs a report card.

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