Receptacles For Our Wishes

I keep mentioning how topics kind of appear simultaneously on blogs or sites I frequent and it so happens that Claudia from and my friend Miriam on FB have been posting about bucket lists and writing down your intentions wishes and desires for an addendum to the Akashic records. This kind of hocus pocus is very close and dear to my heart because I have solid evidence of its efficacy in all material aspects of my life. It turns out that during what we measure as this week the veil between worlds, dimensions, realities, or whatever you want to describe it as, is very thin and permeable. Therefore the opportunities to create things in your story, life, bio or whatever you call this here dream are optimal. So, I’m going to revise my bucket list as Claudia advises and today is a really auspicious day to do so, ask any kid. Then I’m going to follow Miriam’s advice and put that list inside a holy book. I’m choosing Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao Te Ching because his language unlocks mysteries and he is married to a Bodhisattva. Then I’ll seal this action with the most powerful prayer I know, taught to me by one of my nieces when she was only two years old: “please, thank you, voila”!

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