Your Practice: Your Only Freedom

I almost hesitate to post this on my blog. But after complaining about having ample time to fret about when to practice yesterday, I felt like a jerk specially after watching this. I don’t want things to get all political here, but I guess most of you already know how I roll. If you have a self practice or go to a Mysore space, take a moment to acknowledge that space of freedom and self autonomy.

4 thoughts on “Your Practice: Your Only Freedom

  1. Great perspective, thanks for sharing. Have you checked out the other materials on his site? Lots of food for thought, but he sounds pretty radical…

  2. He is pretty out there. To the point where extremes on both ends kind of meet in a circle, which I find somewhat disturbing. But what he said in this clip struck a chord in me.

  3. Yes this is a good clip, which is why I wanted to learn more about him, only to discover a real spectrum of arguments. His essay on why we should invest in lead to prepare for an economic meltdown is truly scary.

  4. Thanks D, I’ll check that one out. My. Husband and I often wonder about the fixation of preparing for any kind of “meltdown”. Who would want to stick it out through that nightmare?

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