The Rythm Of The Saints

That Paul Simon album was playing on my car stereo on the way to the shala today. I love me some empowering drum action. I think I also have mentioned here how David Robson’s Learning To Float video featured some drums that changed my whole attitude towards the breathing aspect of the practice and it slowed me down to a place that I can see glimpses of a meditation through motion. well today our teacher joined our very tiny late morning group for a led practice and encouraged us to feel the rythm our breathing and to let that be our guide to how far to take movement. She suggested not to go past where breathing becomes labored, just stay in a place where your breath feels competent. By that I understood she meant physical movement that is vigorous but no longer unfamiliar. The class flew by in a very unhurried but very enthusiastic way, is the best I can explain it. We were drenched but not exahusted. At the risk of sounding sacrilegious, it was close to what I and others have experienced as “the runner’s high”. You just want to keep on going. Lot’s of coincidences because I just realize that Nobel has been talking about Haruki Murakami’s book about running…

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