Higher Ground

I was lucky enough to read Nick Kristof’s column in today’s NYT  before practice. In a nutshell it describes how OWS has claimed the higher ground. I also read my other boyfriend Mark Bittman’s column where he discussed how in a period in our history where many things seem to be going wrong,  things in the  organic local and healthy food movements are gaining ground. As I drove to practice I thought about how to  stake higher ground and how to take stock  of what has been progress in my practice lately, instead of of trying to foretell how my leg/elbow/wrists were going to perform today. Fortunately the teacher had similar intentions because she focused on making sure everyone was entering and exiting each pose in the correct breath.  Sort of a refresher so you just don’t hear the count as some sort of  recitation or litany  routine you take for granted. worked like a charm. Focus, by which I mean engaged concentration -on the positive is always the way to go.

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