Those of you who read the rant about having my crazy aunt over for thanksgiving should know that I sort of hexed her with my complaints. she got the flu that day and could not come, so I did buy way too much wine. I will try to make  it up to her by having her over tomorrow and doing the whole thing over but with a big chicken instead. I have some leftover bottles so I’m good.

In another front, I have been trying Grimmly’s headstand suggestions with great success. To the extent that I decided to try against the bathroom door on a whim. The bathroom door was not completely shut so I just sailed right through the door slamming hard against the Mexican tile. Both the tile and my back are unharmed, and now I got finally falling out of the way. I had been avoiding falling on my back  for four whole years. I wonder why I don’t make more progresss….being too careful means staying put. It kind of prevents you from moving along.

5 thoughts on “Re-Enactments

  1. Against a door Serene, really…. must add a note to my blog post. Congratulations on getting the fall out of the way though, find it’s quite an ” Oh, that wasn’t so bad” moment, Joins was right, so much fear.

  2. Initially I was too embarrassed to mention that I closed the door, just forgot to check if the knob clicked….I was too embarrassed to also mentioned that I stopped there because there is a full length mirror across the door, so there’s the whole story. Fear and vanity=yogic suicide.

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