I’ll Just Go Ahead & Ask:

I have the moving stuff around bug today in preparation for the new year. The husband is doing the heavy lifting as we get rid of furniture that stores stuff we no longer wish to keep, and thus  clearing wall and floor space that I hopefully will not clutter up again. I am about to move my home practice spot and put the  little altar space back  together, so it occurred to me to ask if anyone has a photo of Sharath in their space, or has seen one at their shala? How does one figure that out? Who sets the tone/the example? Please don’t write me with Duh! I can’t believe your sacrilegious self does not know that! Sorry, I just don’t so I’m asking.

17 thoughts on “I’ll Just Go Ahead & Ask:

  1. I think that most people may not consider Sharath a “guru” just yet so Guruji’s photo is usually it. He’s wonderful of course and a special teacher but it’s like I wouldn’t have a photo of Tim Miller on my altar. Usually I think it’s a photo of the “source” of the teachings. But I guess that can be interepreted many ways 🙂 I just have Ganesha on my altar cause the obstacles are many!

    • Great answer. I have seen practice spaces with photos of Guruji and Krishnamacharya. I guess keep it simple applies to almost everything in life. I also have a friend who has what she lovingly calls her posse. I kind of like the team spirit there too.

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  2. Interesting thought though M. (of course at my shala we just have pictures of Guruji too)…but I wonder if in my lifetime of practice (however long that may be) Sharath will be revered in that way. From what I understand people don’t really do the feet touching/bowing thing with him (yet?).
    This week when I was re-reading the Guruji book for the nth time and spotted a picture of Nancy G and David Williams tousling a very cute 4(ish) year old Sharath’s hair I understood why some senior teachers allegedly had an issue with adopting him as a teacher after Guruji’s passing.

    • Photos are powerful visual cues. I did not even consider the transition a senior teacher might have to make by going to Mysore and take instruction from someone the saw almost in diapers….

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    • Indeed. Back to my premise that Ashtanga is now a collective rather than headed by a single person. Many disagree with me but the senior teachers can’t be ignored I think. Unless Sharath was one’s own person teacher I would find it odd to place him on an altar just because he is the anointed successor of Guruji … that said, one’s personal altar should be a reflection of what is important and inspiring to you, so if that’s a particular person, then by all means!

  3. Interesting discussion… I had to post over at our blog because, in response to Yogi John, we have a picture of Timji on our altar!

    I’d suspect we all would feel good about having Guruji pictured somewhere… and then it starts to differ, as folks have suggested, depending on who your teacher has been.

    • There you go! I toy with the idea of a wall of portraits showing your teacher’s lineage. Not to postrate in front of necessarily but to show affection respect and gratitude. My teacher is Tim’s and Guruji’s student, and now Sharath’s. The woman who introduced me to Ashtanga is Eddie’s student as well as Guruji’s. Ideally it would be a row beginning with Brahmachari, followed by Krishnamacharya, then Guruji, followed by Tim and Eddie, Sharath, and with my two local teachers bringing up the rear! Just an idea for one of the walls in my practice space…..

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  5. I have a couple of posters I made up for all the Krishnamacharya pictures in Yoga makaranda and yogasanagalu but that’s not really the same thing. Would probably put up that picture of Jois in tadasana looking all intense, if i got around to printing one out, and there’s a Krishnamacharya one I like, same kind of thing, inspires me to practice harder whenever I see them. Don’t really see Sharath as different from any other senior asana teacher, think there’s quite a few I would put up before his, no disrespect intended. I keep meaning to print out a picture I have of Ramaswami but want a glossy one rather than just a photocopy, guess I have the same kind of respect for him that many seemed to have for Jois but without the sense of devotion or reverence perhaps.

    • I like that poster idea. I guess that what I was most curious about was if people included other photos besides guruji’s, or maybe even that photo of Sharath sitting next to Guruji. The answer seems to be not yet.

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